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The PFAS Crystal Ball: An Update

Duration: 1 hour
Original Broadcast Date: June 9, 2021

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A New Administration,
a New Vision for the
Future of PFAS

This webinar was recorded in June 2021 and provides a regulatory update on PFAS from the beginning of the Biden administration through the summer of 2021, including an update on analytical methods and testing considerations.

It's a continuation of Apex’s October 2020 talk, which discussed regulations and the future of PFAS. At the time of our first webinar, the EPA’s progress in regulating PFAS had been slow and relatively soft.

With the Biden administration’s strong focus on environmental policies, the reversal of several Trump administrative policies, and sweeping changes then anticipated with regards to PFAS, the webinar discusses considerations for assessment and likely impacts of regulatory changes to businesses, including federal regulatory updates, notable state, and regional policy changes, and important technical research regarding sampling methodologies and analytical updates—Should you sample now, or wait? From the laboratory’s standpoint, what do you need to know about data usability? What methods are approved and what regulatory drivers are pushing changes in PFAS analysis?

We hope this webinar allows you to walk away with a better idea of how to best prepare for the changes that are likely to come without opening a proverbial can of worms.

Apex Speakers
Heather Gosack, RG, Associate Geologist, Portland, OR
Janet Peterson, PG, Branch Manager, Miami, FL
Erin Kane, MBA, Denver, CO (Moderator)

SGS Speakers
Bharat Chandramouli, PhD, Environmental Laboratory Product Manager, Sidney, BC
Julia Roth, Air Services Portfolio Lead, Boston, MA